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Chronic Care Management Improved Care for Patients Additional Revenue for Physicians

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Chronic Care Management = A New Opportunity to Provide Better Care and Receive Additional Compensation

Improvements in the coordination of care have been proven to benefit patients with multiple chronic conditions who often have multiple care providers. However, this requires that practices have the personnel, infrastructure and technologies available to provide the level of oversight needed to effectively manage patients once they leave the office. To address this need, Medicare created the Chronic Care Management program that will compensate practices for time-spent managing patients in their homes, helping them coordinate visits to other healthcare providers and during transitions from one setting to another. It asks that practices maintain a comprehensive care plan that addresses their medical, environmental, and psychosocial needs.

Effective Chronic Care Management reduces the total cost of care for patient with chronic diseases while improving their overall health. Such services would include care coordination, medication management, and around-the-clock accessibility to patients and other care provides.